Limpet Dinghy

The Limpet Dinghy is a 3m (10ft) build your own wooden kit or ‘ready to sail’ glass fibre dinghy.

The Limpet Dinghy sails beautifully it is an ideal starter boat, which is highly suitable for single-handed sailing. It rows easily and has space for a small outboard in case the wind drops or the tide is too strong.

The unstayed mast and simple standing lug rig make getting on the water a breeze! Once sailing the Limpet has a sparkling performance with a good sail area, clean lines and a stable hull. It’s lightweight means it can easily be towed by the smallest car or carried on a roof rack. The Limpet Dinghy has been designed to meet the Recreational Craft Directive category ‘D’ sheltered waters requirements.

It is suitable for conditions up to wind force 4 and significant wave heights up to 0,3 m. It can be used for voyages on sheltered coastal waters, small bays, small lakes, rivers, and canals.