Limpet Dinghy Wooden Kits

Wooden Kits

Our design brief was to design something that would sail well, row easily and have space for a small outboard for when the wind drops or the tide is too strong, but above all the boat should look graceful when sailing and be strong and simple to build in a garage.

We understand that different people require different things from the Limpet and so we decided to have two kits. A sailing kit which comes complete with all the fixtures, fittings and sail rig as described in the kit details and the rowing kit which comes supplied with everything you need to row as detailed in the kit details.

In order to meet the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive category ‘D’ and make the boat easy to right and board after a possible capsize, 0.0849 cubic meters (3 cubic ft) of encapsulated foam buoyancy is fitted under the small fore and aft decks, this still allows for storage space under the decks so oars can be safely stowed out of the way when sailing and sufficient space remains for warps, anchor etc.

Follow Jo and her boys, as they build a Limpet Dinghy from start to finish in a four part series for Watercraft Magazine. Not only did Jo build the Limpet but she also documented the build for your enjoyment.

Sail area 4.2m2 (45 square ft)
LOA 3 metres (10’)
Beam 1.3 metres (4’3”)
Draft: board raised 178mm (7”) board down 730mm (2’4”)
Hull weight 55kg (121lbs)