Limpet Dinghy Kit Details

Kit Details

We believe our kits and instruction manuals are simple to follow thus making the whole experience an enjoyable one for you and we will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding or during the build.
Limpet dinghy for Row/Outboard

The Limpet Row kit includes:-

Comprehensive build manual
Pre-cut Robbins Elite 6mm (5 plies) – Hull planking and deck tops etc
Pre-cut Robbins Elite 9mm ply – Spine and bulkheads etc
Pre-cut Marine 15mm plywood to BS1088 – Thwart and skeg
Douglas Fir for the keel band and gunwhales
Red Cedar seat slats
Ash for bow lamination
Epoxy resin and hardener – 6kg
Dispensing pumps
Zip ties,100
Microballoons – 0.1kg
Microfibres – 0.2 kg
Mixing pots – 5 of
Mixing sticks – 100 of
Brushes – 20 of
Rowlocks – 1pair
Rowlocks brackets – two sets
Fairleads – 1 pair
Mooring cleat
All relevant stainless steel fixings

Limpet dinghy for Sail

The Limpet Sail kit includes:-

A Limpet Row kit as described above
Pre-cut Robbins Elite 6mm (5 plies) – Rudder
Pre-cut Marine 15 plywood to BS1088 – Dagger board and rudder blade
Aluminium rudder pintles
Aluminium transom gudgeons
Ash tiller
Douglas Fir Mast
Douglas Fir Yard
Sheave – 50mm
White Sail

Using Epoxy Resin