Cormorant Dinghy

The Cormorant Dinghy is a 12ft sailing boat available in wooden kit form or ‘ready to sail’ glass fibre (GRP) dinghy. It is an ideal day sailor and can comfortably accommodate a family of 2 Adults and 2 children. There are 2 different sailing rigs, Gunter (with gib) and balanced lug.

After several months of development the Cormorant Dinghy has had her first sea trails in winds ranging from Force 3-4 and sometimes Force 5. She handled this surprisingly well keeping dry, with good speed and very little heal. She was easy to row and responded well under motor.

A bit of background history by Roger Dongray – I designed the original Cormorant for Cornish Crabbers Ltd as part of their range of traditional G.R.P sailing boats back in 1983. Although it was built for many years it was eventually dropped from production due to its fairly expensive construction involving several G.R.P mouldings. However it was an extremely popular boat and many are still sailing.

Cormorant Balanced Lug

The New Cormorant incorporates:-

Balanced lug
Gunter rig mainsail as an option
Short bowsprit and jib with the Gunter mainsail option
Improved hull shape with a finer entry
Aft lockable outboard motor locker
Large forward stowage under the foredeck
Full length oars set flush with cockpit sole boards
Enlarged cockpit to give more crew space
Large buoyancy tanks under each side deck
All the spars and rig fit inside the boat for towing, but when fully rigged they do extend pass the transom by approximately 6 inches.

The Cormorant Dinghy has been designed to meet the Recreational Craft Directive category ‘D’ sheltered waters requirements. It is suitable for conditions up to wind force 4 and significant wave heights up to 0,3 m. It can be used for voyages on sheltered coastal waters, small bays, small lakes, rivers, and canals.


Cormorant Lugger
If you need an extra that is not listed, please contact us for our bespoke service. As an example of this, we had a request for the addition of a mizzen mast on a balanced lug Cormorant Dinghy hull.