Welcome to Seashell Boats

We believe in the look and elegance of traditionally designed boats and our designer Roger Dongray, who created the famous Cornish Crabber range, is synonymous with this style, he upholds our philosophy perfectly.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the water, that’s why we make sailing, rowing and motoring boats for all to enjoy.

Our boats are designed and built in Cornwall, honestly priced, affordable and we offer an extremely personal experience to each and every one of our customers. We are proud to be able to say that where possible all components are sourced locally.

The ‘ready to sail’ Limpet and Cormorant were a natural progression for our business, as it built on the success of the wooden kits and responded to customer feedback. When listening carefully to our customers needs we understood that many people fell in love with our dinghies, and whilst many were inspired by the idea of building their own boat, some simply said they wanted a ‘ready to sail’ version.

And for the more confident builder, the Golant Gaffer is the perfect project for someone wishing to build from plans.

We like to be able to offer all of our customers the benefit of our experience, you are not alone.

We hope you like what we are creating and wish all of our fellow future water lovers “happy sailing”.